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Tips on Lenses – Sharp Images at a Budget Price, the 50mm Answer. -Bob Hubbard

Tips on Lenses – Sharp Images at a Budget Price, the 50mm Answer.
-Bob Hubbard

For anyone shooting portraits with a DSLR, which lens is best is an ongoing question, with most photographers having differing opinions based on their shooting style and goals. Good portrait lenses can run into the thousands of dollars for high end pro-glass. Thankfully both Nikon and Canon have an affordable answer within most shooters budgets.

The 50mm F1.8 lens.

While I would love to have the F1.2 or F1.4, both are out of the budget of the beginner or casual shooter at $350-$1,500. I've shot both Nikon and Canon DLSRs over the past few years, and both vendors offer a dirt cheap, razor sharp F1.8 lens right around the $100 price point. These lenses are great for low light occasions, create sharp and vibrant images, and are ultra light. The downside is they tend to be made of plastic and lack the durability of the higher priced F1.4 versions. The other downside is, as a prime or fixed length lens, the zoom tends to be your own two feet.

If you're serious about your photography, or just want a low cost sharp lens, check out the 50mm offered by your vendor. You won't be disappointed.

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